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I would like to order for my practice the website " Dental Patients Frequently Asked Questions" Arabic/English Languages: Sample

Instructions: I would like to make the following changes on the web site: (optional)    


  1. Web site is developed to include the client's web site heading and the content provided in two languages, same as the Sample.
  2. The client's web site heading is linked to the client's main web site. Also, the "CONTACT" is included under the heading.
  3. Place the client's web site heading at the top of the Arabic/English web site.
  4. Client's name is shown at the web site address (URL) sample  http://www.drgoodmanfaq.dmsindex.com/
  5. Client is provided with information for submitting the new web site to register it at Google and Yahoo.

Fees : 
Special fees are listed at
50% of regular fees.

  • Standard - No Changes: $95
  • Custom - Requested Changes: $15 per change
    Number of Changes
    $15 = $


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